Does your child need counseling services?

We help people of all ages. We offer several services for children, including after-school group counseling services and tutoring services. Use our Contact page to email us about your child's needs today.

Our Mission

At Lasting Impression Therapeutic Counseling Center, our mission is to provide excellent service to families whose lives have
been impacted with behavioral challenges.We strive to give our clients an excellent quality of life, as defined by themselves.To that end, we want to see our clients thrive in their own environments. It is important to us to see our clients exercise selfdetermination, self-dignity, and self-worth when making life decisions. This is their life, in their home, in their community and we strive to see them excel. Additionally, we value the opinion, time, and similar life experiences of our staff.

Counseling Services

Develop your strengths with our counseling services.

Anger Intervention Program

Your child will learn to manage anger with group support.

Tutoring Program

Your child's academic skills will blossom in a therapeutic environment.

Anger Management

Learn about anger management for yourself or your child.

Do You Feel That Anger Controls Your Life?

You can find relief and understanding in our anger management services

Do you feel that you've lost control over your feelings of anger? Do you find yourself feeling regretful about angry words or avoiding situations that could provoke outbursts? You aren't alone. Lasting Impression Therapeutic Counseling Center in Lake Charles, LA helps many people who have these experiences.

You could benefit from our anger management services if you're overwhelmed by:

  • Irritation
  • Anger
  • Aggression

We understand your struggle with anger. You can rely on us to help you work through it. Call 337-429-5672 to speak with us right away. If you're in a crisis, our crisis line's number is 337-532-3309.

You can count on us

You can trust us to help you improve your mental health during a difficult time, whether you need help in the midst of a sudden crisis or assistance with ongoing anger management. We have the skill and experience to help you.

Rely on us because we have:

Certified Anger Resolution Therapist (CART) credentials

Extensive experience counseling people of all ages

Knowledge about many mental health conditions

While we offer a wide range of anger management services, excessive anger is not the only mental health concern that we address. We help people with co-occurring mental health conditions, developmental conditions, addictions, relationship issues and major life changes.