Regulate Your Anger and Regain Control Over Yourself

Regulate Your Anger and Regain Control Over Yourself

Learn how to manage this difficult emotion with our help

Anger is a natural reaction to many circumstances, but it shouldn't lead you to say or do things you regret. If you need help reclaiming your life from anger, you can count on Lasting Impression Therapeutic Counseling Center to be here for you. We offer individual counseling services that help you find your calm in times of frustration.

You'll learn to:

  • Confront anger without feeling overwhelmed by it
  • Develop coping skills for difficult experiences
  • React to anger appropriately and constructively

Call 337-429-5672 to discuss counseling services with a CART-certified expert. You can also use our Contact page to email us.

We offer a full range of anger management services

We also help kids and teenagers learn to manage anger in an after-school intervention program, a tutoring program and a summer camp. Plus, we host free, twice-monthly educational classes for adults on specific subjects like parenting. Call us for class dates and times.